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    Once your completed application form, application fee, and all of the supporting documentation are received by the College, your application is deemed to be "ready for review" and the review process begins. The review process is completed within four to six weeks of the date that your application was deemed to be "ready for review". Once the review of your application has been completed, a letter confirming the outcome of your review is mailed to you.

    If the Registrar has any doubts about your meeting the academic, or good character requirements, or has any doubts about your training for your proposed area(s) of practice, your application will be referred to the Registration Committee for a further review.  You will receive a letter, notifying you of the referral, and you will be provided with a period of at least 30 days to submit any further information to assist in the Registration Committee's review.  The Registration Committee meets approximately every six weeks throughout the year.  Your file will be scheduled for review at the next available meeting following the 30 day notice period.


    Applicants are encouraged to submit their completed application form and all supporting documentation as soon as possible. It is the applicant's responsibility to check with the College to ensure that all of their documents have been received by the College. Applicants may telephone or e-mail College staff to enquire about the status of their application.


    Any supporting documentation that arrives at the College before your application does will be filed according to your name. Once your application arrives, the supporting documentation will be included with it.


    Applicants have 24 months from the date of receipt of their application to submit the supporting documentation required for issuance of a certificate of registration. An application for registration that has not resulted in the issuance of a certificate of registration or a confirmation of eligibility will automatically expire 24 months after the date the application was received. The application, and any supporting documents, will then be destroyed. The application fee is non-refundable.


    For applicants who have completed all requirements for their degree, but have not yet convocated, the College will accept a pre-convocation transcript for the purposes of reviewing the application. However, the transcript must be accompanied by a signed letter from the Senate or Registrar of the University or an appropriate Department of Psychology designate such as the Director of Clinical Training, confirming the date that the applicant’s degree requirements have been successfully completed.


    No. The College will only accept academic transcripts sent to the College directly from a University. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact their university and request that they send the College a copy of their  official academic transcript.


    The College will approve the start date for supervised practice based upon the date that both your Primary and Alternate Supervisors confirm that their supervision of your work began, or the date that the last supporting document for your application was received by the College, whichever date is later.

    No. You can apply for supervised practice, even if you are not yet working in Ontario. Submit the full application form, including the application fee and supporting documentation, with the exception of the section of the application form titled “Authorized Supervised Practice” and the primary and alternate supervisor’s agreement forms. The College will then proceed to evaluate your academic credentials. If your application is found to be acceptable, the Registrar will defer issuing you the certificate for supervised practice until you have found an appropriate work setting and named two supervisors.

    In the meantime, if your application is approved, you can choose to take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and the Jurisprudence and Ethics Examination (JEE).



    Yes.  The period of authorized supervised practice is intended to prepare you for the practice of psychology in this province and therefore must be completed here in accordance with Ontario Standards of Professional Conduct and legislation.  The College’s mandate is to protect the public of Ontario.  Psychological services provided in another province or state fall under the jurisdiction of the regulatory board for psychology in that province or state only.


    Applicants are responsible for finding a suitable job as well as primary and alternate supervisor themselves.  Generally, once you find a job, your employer will have a member(s) of the College on site or who consults to the organization who can supervise your work. The College makes available an online Public Register at www.cpo.on.ca , which can be used to assist you in your search for supervisors. On its website, the Ontario Psychological Association provides a listing of its members who are available to provide supervision:  www.psych.on.ca

    The College only accepts payment via cheque, money order, or cash (in-person only). The College is unable to accept application payment via credit card at this time.

    The College will not accept e-mailed or faxed application forms. Please mail your application form (including the application fee) to:

    The College of Psychologists of Ontario
    110 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 500
    Toronto, ON  M4R 1A3

    You may also drop your application form off in-person at the College's office during regular business hours.

    According to Section 16.(1) of the Regulated Health Professions Act Code, “the Registrar shall give an applicant, at his or her request, all the information and a copy of each document that the College has that is relevant to the application.”

    The College will not return original documents to an applicant. However, an applicant may request to have a copy of the documents in their registration file. The applicant must submit their written request to the College either in-person, by mail, or by e-mail. There is a charge of 20¢ per page for this. Upon receiving the written request, registration staff will determine how many pages are in the record being requested, give the fee per page for copying, and advise the applicant in advance if desired.

    Yes. You may submit an application for psychological associate (supervised practice) along with all the supporting documentation, including the application fee, with the exception of the section of the application form titled “Authorized Supervised Practice” and the primary and alternate supervisors’ agreement forms.  Your academic credentials will be reviewed but further consideration of your application will be deferred until you have completed the required post-master’s work experience.

    In the meantime, if your credentials are approved, you can take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and the Jurisprudence and Ethics Examination (JEE).

    To include families on your Declaration of Competence, you must be engaged in family assessment and family intervention during your supervised practice period. In such cases, the family would be the primary client.  If however, you will not be providing direct services to families, but instead will see parents or families in the context of your work with the children or adolescents within the family, then it is not appropriate to indicate families on your Declaration of Competence. The College recognizes that working with children and adolescents as declared client groups often involves meetings with parents or families.  It is important to distinguish between families as a specific client group with whom one works, and family involvement in the context of working with the children or adolescents in the family.